Prawn Soup

Prawn Soup

by Jamie Pastoral

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尜尜 soup, like the name of the lettuce recipe. The 尜尜 in the recipe is the shape of the 尜尜 kneaded by corn dough, and the shape of the 尜尜 is thus named. The soup of 尜尜 is usually dried shrimp or pot-boiled fish soup. These two ingredients are not used at home, and prawns are used instead. In order to make the soup delicious, boil the shrimp heads and shrimp skins in the soup, remove them when they are boiled, and taste the umami taste. The taste is also quite good. There are whole grains, seafood, and Chinese cabbage. It is a healthy delicacy.


Prawn Soup

1. Corn flour with a little salt and some hot water to stir

Prawn Soup recipe

2. Let it sit for a while after it cools down and becomes a dough

Prawn Soup recipe

3. Wash the tail of the Chinese cabbage and cut into pieces

Prawn Soup recipe

4. Prawns head, skin and intestines

Prawn Soup recipe

5. Make corn dough into small dough and knead it into a 尜尜 shape

Prawn Soup recipe

6. From the frying pan, put the shrimps, shrimp heads, and skins into the pan and serve.

Prawn Soup recipe

7. Remove the shrimps, add appropriate amount of boiled shrimp heads and shrimp skins

Prawn Soup recipe

8. Take out the shrimp heads and skins, put them in a pot and cook

Prawn Soup recipe

9. Cook until 尜尜 is cooked for 9 minutes, add the prawns to the pot and cook at the same time

Prawn Soup recipe

10. Chinese cabbage is cooked in the pot

Prawn Soup recipe

11. Add salt and pepper and stir evenly and turn off the heat

Prawn Soup recipe


The combination of ingredients is based on personal preference.


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