Private Cheese Omelette

Private Cheese Omelette

by One circle and two circles

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As a veteran and industrious little slacker, I always worry about breakfast. What can I eat for breakfast to be more nutritious and beautify? Later, I thought of when I was a child, when materials were relatively scarce, my mother liked to buy some flour and go home to make steamed buns and noodles. From that time on, I started to learn to make noodles (and secretly add eggs).


Private Cheese Omelette

1. Prepare the necessary ingredients

Private Cheese Omelette recipe

2. First mix the eggs and sugar with some cold water

Private Cheese Omelette recipe

3. Stir evenly and stir until it is as pictured.

Private Cheese Omelette recipe

4. Heat up the oil, pour the stirred batter into the pan in a circular motion

Private Cheese Omelette recipe

5. Continue frying on the reverse side until the dough is fried on both sides until golden brown

Private Cheese Omelette recipe

6. Then cut the noodles in half from the middle, sandwich the cheese slices in the middle, and then drizzle less than yogurt on the noodles, sprinkle a few fresh blueberries, just like this, with a cup of wild black goji berries, one portion is full The nutritious breakfast of blue anthocyanin is ready.

Private Cheese Omelette recipe


When making pancakes, use a medium-to-small fire otherwise the cakes are easy to burn. The content of blue anthocyanin in black goji berries is more than 20 times that of blueberries. It has a very good beauty and beauty effect. Personal preference to pair with drinks.


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