Pumpkin and Red Date Hair Cake

Pumpkin and Red Date Hair Cake

by Heart moves

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Are you still worried about what gifts to give to your mother-in-law and mother? Sending flowers to the elderly finds it wasteful, and the clothes are hard to touch what they all like, so it is the most practical way to make a snack for them. No more than 3 yuan, the most important thing is that this snack also has the effect of nourishing blood and beautifying the face, and women who don't want to be beautiful! So it’s definitely not wrong to give this snack. Making dim sum at home is actually not difficult at all, especially Chinese dim sum. Among all Chinese dim sum, my favorite is steamed cake. It doesn’t need to be sent or kneaded out of the glove film. Stir it evenly. It’s simple, save trouble, and doesn’t require an oven. Don't worry about getting angry, as long as there is a fire at home, a steamer, and a filial heart, this dim sum will not bother you at all. If you don't believe it, try it! Really zero failure!

My mother-in-law smiled happily after seeing the dessert I made specially for her. Whether it was the shape, color or taste, she was very satisfied. My mother-in-law also specially ordered me to make two more tomorrow. When she went out to dance the square dance at night, she would take them out to share with the old sisters. Because of this snack, it seems that the relationship between my mother-in-law and I have become closer again.


Pumpkin and Red Date Hair Cake

1. Peel and remove the flesh of the pumpkin, wash and cut into pieces, wrap it in plastic wrap, put it in a steamer, and steam for 20 minutes on high heat.

Pumpkin and Red Date Hair Cake recipe

2. Dry the steamed pumpkin until warm, add the condensed milk, and use a food processor to beat into a delicate pumpkin puree. If you don't have special tools, you can use a rice spoon to make pumpkin puree. If you don't have condensed milk, you can add some sugar to make it into original flavor.

Pumpkin and Red Date Hair Cake recipe

3. Pour the pumpkin puree into the bread bucket, add the flour and yeast, start the kneading process and mix well, about five minutes is enough. If there is no bread machine, you can still use a rice spoon to stir evenly.

Pumpkin and Red Date Hair Cake recipe

4. Spread a thin layer of cooking oil on the heart-shaped mold. If there is no heart-shaped mold, use a large bowl instead. While there is oil on your hands, take the batter out and put it in a mold, tidy it up, wrap it in plastic wrap, let it stand for half an hour, and ferment to double its size. The temperature is relatively high now, about half an hour is enough, be careful not to over-hair. The batter is very sticky, and there is oil on your hands when you take it out, which makes it easier to handle. The mold must be greased, otherwise it will be difficult to demold and affect the appearance.

Pumpkin and Red Date Hair Cake recipe

5. Wash the red dates, remove the pits, and cut them into small pieces, sprinkle them on the fermented pumpkin batter, and wrap them in plastic wrap again

Pumpkin and Red Date Hair Cake recipe

6. Put cold water into the steamer, turn the water to medium heat and steam for 25 minutes, turn off the heat and simmer for 5 minutes, then it will be out of the pot, pour out and cut into pieces for consumption!

Pumpkin and Red Date Hair Cake recipe


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