Pumpkin Buns

Pumpkin Buns

by Lu Chi (from WeChat...)

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Steamed buns with soy milk, a good day. Start with breakfast


Pumpkin Buns

1. Cut the pumpkin into pieces for ripeness, cut into smaller pieces, and ripen quickly

Pumpkin Buns recipe

2. Crush the spoon when it's cooked, put the sugar in while it's hot,

Pumpkin Buns recipe

3. Soak the baking powder in warm water, add flour and pumpkin puree, and leave it to ferment at room temperature

Pumpkin Buns recipe

4. Because it’s summer, it will swell after one hour of fermentation,

Pumpkin Buns recipe

5. After cutting into shape, let it ferment for more than ten minutes, and steam in a pot on warm water for 20 minutes

Pumpkin Buns recipe


Like desserts, you can put more during the day. See if it's steamed. Press it down and float up, it's cooked


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