Pumpkin Cream Soup (sweet)

Pumpkin Cream Soup (sweet)

by Super invincible cute little watermelon

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The super delicious creamy pumpkin soup is suitable for all ages, with delicious flavors and flavors. Taking pictures is not enough to capture its soul. In short, one word: fragrant!


Pumpkin Cream Soup (sweet)

1. Prepare the ingredients, if you use pure milk, you need to add an appropriate amount of sugar;

Pumpkin Cream Soup (sweet) recipe

2. Peel the pumpkin, remove its flesh and cut into pieces, steam it on high heat for about 8 minutes, and steam until it is cooked and soft;

Pumpkin Cream Soup (sweet) recipe

3. Pour the steamed pumpkin and the prepared milk into the juicer cup, and beat it into a thinner pumpkin puree;

Pumpkin Cream Soup (sweet) recipe

4. Pour pumpkin puree into a milk pan, cook on low heat, add appropriate amount of cream (more or less depending on personal taste) and mix well during the cooking process;

Pumpkin Cream Soup (sweet) recipe

5. Add some cream on the surface of the creamy pumpkin soup and put it on the plate, and a mint leaf will be more perfect

Pumpkin Cream Soup (sweet) recipe


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