Pumpkin Flower Roll

Pumpkin Flower Roll

by Yun Che

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Pumpkin contains starch, protein, carotene, vitamin B, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and other ingredients. It is rich in nutrition and is a melon and vegetable that is often eaten by rural people, and it is increasingly valued by urban people. Not only that, but pumpkin has great medicinal value. Recently, it has been said that pumpkins can still lose weight... so I'm excited again! "


Pumpkin Flower Roll

1. Knead the yellow and white doughs with pumpkin puree and milk respectively.

Pumpkin Flower Roll recipe

2. Fermented for 20 minutes, it will grow twice as big. ~~~

Pumpkin Flower Roll recipe

3. Roll into two thin cakes and stack them together.

Pumpkin Flower Roll recipe

4. Cut into thin strips.

Pumpkin Flower Roll recipe

5. Twist together, pull while twisting.

Pumpkin Flower Roll recipe

6. Twist the twisted noodles together again.

Pumpkin Flower Roll recipe

7. Dump into a roll, put it in a basket for 20 minutes, then you can steam it! ~~~~

Pumpkin Flower Roll recipe


Brush a layer of oil in the cage to prevent Hanamaki from sticking to the pan~~


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