Pumpkin Hair Cake

Pumpkin Hair Cake

Hair cake is the simplest type of pasta. You don't need to knead the dough too hard. Pumpkin is rich in nutrition and suitable for children to eat. The hair cake is also very beautiful!







by Ah Da^.^

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How to make it (Pumpkin Hair Cake)

1. Pumpkin diced and steamed
Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe
2. Add the sugar while it's hot and mix well
Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe
3. When it is warm, add the yeast and mix well (note that the temperature should not exceed 40 degrees)
Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe
4. Pour into the flour and mix well
Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe
5. Just knead into a ball
Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe
6. Spread a thin layer of oil on the inner wall of the mold, then put the dough in and flatten it
Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe
7. Spread some raisins on top
Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe
8. Cover and ferment to about 2 times the height
Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe
9. Put cold water into the pot and steam on medium heat for about 20 minutes!
Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe

After steaming and turning off the heat, take 5 minutes to open the lid!


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