Pumpkin Hair Cake

Pumpkin Hair Cake

by Yang Gini

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Pumpkin is rich in nutrition and not only has higher edible value. And it has a therapeutic effect that cannot be ignored. Today, the pumpkin is made into rice cake, and it is easy to operate, suitable for breakfast.


Pumpkin Hair Cake

1. Pumpkin is steamed and mashed into puree

Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe

2. Add sugar, yeast and all-purpose flour and knead it into a dough

Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe

3. Brush the mold with oil, put your hands in water, take out the dough and put it into the mold, press it, put it in the steamer, pan under cold water, turn on the fire for 1 minute, turn off the fire, put the dough in the steamer for 50 minutes

Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe

4. Put a few red dates on the fermented dough, bring to a boil, turn to medium heat and steam
30 minutes, turn off the heat for 5 minutes before cooking

Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe

5. Finished product

Pumpkin Hair Cake recipe


Pumpkins have different moisture content, so reduce the amount of pumpkin puree


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