Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup

Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup

by Migu's Kitchen

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Pumpkin and mung bean soup is an ideal ingredient that can detoxify. The mung beans in it can detoxify all kinds of toxins. Pumpkin can also excrete toxins in the human body with urine. People usually eat more pumpkin and mung bean soup to effectively remove toxins from the body. Improve physical health.


Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup

1. Prepare the materials.

Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup recipe

2. Soak mung beans in water for 30 minutes.

Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup recipe

3. Bring the cold water of mung beans into a pot and boil on high heat, and boil on low heat until the mung beans bloom. (30 minutes)

Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup recipe

4. Peel the pumpkin and cut into pieces.

Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup recipe

5. Then add the pumpkin and cook until soft.

Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup recipe

6. Add salt or rock sugar according to personal preference.

Pumpkin Mung Bean Soup recipe


Pumpkins use old pumpkins to taste better.
Add a little salt, the pumpkin will be sweeter.


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