Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

by Xiong Xiaoxiao (From WeChat.)

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The masterpiece of food hee hee


Pumpkin Pie

1. Pumpkin peeled and washed

2. Diced

Pumpkin Pie recipe

3. Steamed in the electric rice cooker for a fragrance

Pumpkin Pie recipe

4. Use a spoon to order pumpkin puree and add sugar while hot

Pumpkin Pie recipe

5. Add glutinous rice flour and pay attention to "The pumpkin itself has water, so there is no need to add water here."

Pumpkin Pie recipe

6. Continue to pour the flour in several times, don't pour it all at once

Pumpkin Pie recipe

7. It's enough to make it so that it doesn't stick to your hands

Pumpkin Pie recipe

8. Can be pulled in the pot

Pumpkin Pie recipe

9. Jinhua color is fine like this

Pumpkin Pie recipe

10. OK

Pumpkin Pie recipe


Waiting hard to make a good finished product


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