Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie

by Six Pinxuan

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A simple and easy to make homemade snack, fragrant, sweet, soft, and endless aftertaste.

Pumpkin Pie

1. Peel the old pumpkin, cut into small pieces, and steam for 10 minutes until soft.

Pumpkin Pie recipe

2. Drain the steamed pumpkin, add an appropriate amount of white sugar (to increase the sweetness of the dough), and grind it into a paste with a spoon.

Pumpkin Pie recipe

3. Add glutinous rice flour to pumpkin puree and start mixing. Because the water content of pumpkin is different, it is better to add glutinous rice flour to make the dough not sticky.

Pumpkin Pie recipe

4. The mixed dough is not sticky.

Pumpkin Pie recipe

5. Stir the cooked black sesame powder with a suitable amount of white sugar, and serve as a filling.

Pumpkin Pie recipe

6. Take a small piece of dough, flatten it, wrap it in the filling, close it, and knead it into a ball.

Pumpkin Pie recipe

7. The kneaded dough has a smooth surface.

Pumpkin Pie recipe

8. Roll the kneaded dough in the white sesame seeds, and stick the sesame seeds on the surface.

Pumpkin Pie recipe

9. Put oil in the pan and heat it to 80°~100°. Put the dough into the dough and fry slowly on low heat. Be careful not to turn the pan, because the pan is easy to scorch. (If you put a septum on the bottom of the pan, it won’t stick to the pan.) During the turning process, gently press the cake base with a spoon, so that the pumpkin cake can expand. Fry until the pumpkin pie rises and the color is slightly yellow, immediately remove, strain the oil, and put on a plate. Don't deep-fry old, or the pumpkin pie will open up.

Pumpkin Pie recipe

10. Delicious, sweet and soft pumpkin pie, one bite down, the aroma of sesame seeds and the sweetness of pumpkin are absolutely great satisfaction.

Pumpkin Pie recipe


1. The amount of glutinous rice flour is for reference only, and the noodles are not sticky to your hands.
2. When frying, deep fry at low temperature and low heat. The fried pumpkin pie is yellow, fresh and beautiful, and cooked too well.
3. Lightly press the pumpkin pie when frying, the pumpkin pie will easily expand and look better.
4. Don't explode old! In that case, the pumpkin pie will be fried!


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