Pumpkin Piggy Buns

Pumpkin Piggy Buns

by Xiao Bao E Niang 131425

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November 1st is a traditional Western holiday, Halloween. Westerners will worship the dead and pray for peace on this day. It is also a festival to celebrate the autumn harvest.

With the introduction of Western culture, some Western festivals have gradually become popular in China. Various funny foods such as witch fingers, candies and pumpkin delicacies are popular. There is a saying: "Halloween is here, pumpkins are pretty", and pumpkins are also ten thousand. Festive food for Holy Eve.

Halloween is coming soon, Erniang also made a cute pumpkin piggy bun for the baby, join in the fun, should it be the scene, haha. . .


Pumpkin Piggy Buns

1. After washing the pumpkin, peel and cut into pieces, and put it in a steamer

Pumpkin Piggy Buns recipe

2. Steam for about 10 minutes until cooked, use a chopstick to fully insert it

Pumpkin Piggy Buns recipe

3. Pour into the basin, add the sugar while it is hot until it melts, and let it stand to cool

Pumpkin Piggy Buns recipe

4. Pour into the food processor to make pumpkin puree (you can also put it in a fresh-keeping bag and use a rolling pin to make puree)

Pumpkin Piggy Buns recipe

5. Pour it back into the basin, add yeast powder and flour

Pumpkin Piggy Buns recipe

6. Make a smooth dough. Sprinkle a little flour or cooking oil on the bottom of the basin. After the fermentation is complete, do not stick to the bottom of the basin.

Pumpkin Piggy Buns recipe

7. Ferment to about twice the size, dip your finger in the flour and tap it, and it will not rebound or shrink (please ignore the epidermis, it is on the covered plastic wrap when it rises...)

Pumpkin Piggy Buns recipe

8. Knead the dough gently to exhaust

Pumpkin Piggy Buns recipe

9. Take two thirds of the dough, knead it into a long strip, and cut it into a similar size

Pumpkin Piggy Buns recipe

10. Round all rounds to make the body part of the piglet

Pumpkin Piggy Buns recipe

11. Take the remaining third of the dough and knead it into thin strips and cut into pieces

Pumpkin Piggy Buns recipe

12. Randomly squeeze the pig’s ears and nose, stick to the body part, and insert black rice into the eyes

Pumpkin Piggy Buns recipe

13. Put the steamer on the steamer for a second proofing for 10 minutes, boil the water in the steamer, steam for 18 minutes on high heat, turn off the heat for 3-5 minutes and take it out

Pumpkin Piggy Buns recipe

14. The cute pumpkin piglet, in addition to being amazed, the babies have nothing but feasting, oh, worth, hehe. . .

Pumpkin Piggy Buns recipe

15. The pro you like can be made for the little ones to taste.

Pumpkin Piggy Buns recipe


1. Pumpkin is more watery, so there is no need to add liquid
2. Reserve 50 grams of flour in advance, add some more if the amount of flour is not enough
3. The nose and ears of the piglet are really messing around. I forgot to take a photo. Please forgive me, Niangha. I will fill it up next time. . .
4. After making the nose of the piglet into the desired shape, first touch the corresponding part, and then pierce the two nostrils with chopsticks
5. In addition, the dough will be delayed in rainy days. Therefore, if you are in a hurry, put the dough on the warm water for fermentation. The temperature of the warm water is: after putting your fingers in, it will be slightly hot.


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