Pumpkin Rice Paste

Pumpkin Rice Paste

by Xinren Shanglu

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I believe many people have tried the rice cereal with pumpkin and rice, but I didn’t use the soymilk machine for this rice cereal today. It is as delicate and delicious, and it has a good temperature."


Pumpkin Rice Paste

1. Slice the pumpkin to the right amount, and the amount of cold rice

Pumpkin Rice Paste recipe

2. Steam the pumpkin and rice over water

Pumpkin Rice Paste recipe

3. After the water is boiled, use chopsticks to penetrate the pumpkin and take it out

Pumpkin Rice Paste recipe

4. Add 150ml of warm water to the cooking cup, stir the pumpkin and rice evenly to dissipate heat and pour into about half a cup

Pumpkin Rice Paste recipe

5. Cooking machine on

Pumpkin Rice Paste recipe

6. Whipped for about 1 minute and serve

Pumpkin Rice Paste recipe

7. A cup of warm pumpkin rice paste is on the table😊

Pumpkin Rice Paste recipe


If the pumpkin is steamed at the same time as the rice is cooking, it just happens to be hot and the rice batter is cooked together. I steamed the peanuts together when the salted peanuts were cooked. You can also add honey or sugar to taste, but I didn’t add it because the sweetness is just right.


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