Purple Qi Donglai Health Rice

Purple Qi Donglai Health Rice

by Fatty Mushroom

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If you like mushroom delicacies and beautiful pictures of mushrooms, please follow the WeChat official account of mushrooms and regularly push new recipes. If you have any questions, you can send me in the public account, search for "feixiaogumeishi", or "one person, one rabbit, one kitchen" . I used to cook rice in a microwave oven at home. It was fast and good. You can eat soft and delicious rice in 15 minutes. Today, this rice includes pea corn and purple sweet potatoes. Because of the relationship between purple sweet potatoes, The rice is lavender and looks pretty. Cook the rice in 15 minutes. Don't rush to boil the cooked rice. It will be better if you simmer it for a while.


Purple Qi Donglai Health Rice

1. Wash the rice about an hour in advance, soak it for a while, prepare the rice you need, wash the rice, add water to soak, the recommended amount of water is 1:1.5~2, the specifics should be based on the usual water absorption of your own rice Adjust, it can be slightly more than usual

Purple Qi Donglai Health Rice recipe

2. The purple sweet potato is half small, peeled and diced, and soaked with rice, there will be lavender precipitation, because the purple sweet potato will absorb water when cooking rice, so the amount of water in the previous step can be slightly more

Purple Qi Donglai Health Rice recipe

3. Pour the rice and purple sweet potato together with water into the container, close the lid, and put it in the microwave

Purple Qi Donglai Health Rice recipe

4. Microwave cooking mode, about 15 minutes, prepare a little sweet corn kernels and pea kernels to rinse for later use

Purple Qi Donglai Health Rice recipe

5. After about 10 minutes has elapsed, take out the rice, pour in sweet corn kernels and pea kernels and mix well. If the surface of the rice is dry, you can sprinkle some water on the surface

Purple Qi Donglai Health Rice recipe

6. Then close the lid and continue heating, take it out when the time is over, cover and simmer for 5 minutes, ready to eat

Purple Qi Donglai Health Rice recipe


1. After washing the rice, soak it in water for a while, the cooked rice will be more delicious
2. Add some oil to the rice, the cooked rice will be more shiny, I added some camellia seed oil in it, you can also add olive oil and the like
3. Use boiling water for microwave cooking, which saves energy and time. You can take out the rice and stir it in the middle to make it evenly heated. Do not open the lid after cooking the rice, and simmer for 5 minutes is better.


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