Qianlong Cabbage

Qianlong Cabbage

by Brother Xiaoyu's private house

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Not deep-fried, not boiled (special treatment during the epidemic), tore, cut everything, pour the sauce and mix it, it also has a particularly tall name-Qianlong cabbage!


Qianlong Cabbage

1. Rinse the cabbage leaves with water,

Qianlong Cabbage recipe

2. It can be cut into silk or strips,

Qianlong Cabbage recipe

3. Add salt and oil to the water to bring the cabbage into water,

Qianlong Cabbage recipe

4. Take it out and put it into ice water,

Qianlong Cabbage recipe

5. Add salt to the water, cook the noodles in cold water for 25 minutes,

Qianlong Cabbage recipe

6. Soul sauce: tahini, peanut butter, salt, light soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, sugar, sesame oil, dark soy sauce, honey,

Qianlong Cabbage recipe

7. Squeeze the water from the cabbage, pour it into the sauce,

Qianlong Cabbage recipe

8. Mix well and serve with black and white sesame seeds for garnish.

Qianlong Cabbage recipe


Originally, this dish does not need Nao Shui. During the epidemic, everyone should eat as little raw food as possible.


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