Qingbuliang Spare Ribs Soup

Qingbuliang Spare Ribs Soup

by Shantai Soup

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This is a Cantonese home-made Qing tonic soup. There are so many ingredients and methods to match the Qing tonic, so you don't have to stick to which one is the most authentic. Among the ingredients, yam is invigorating the spleen and stomach; lotus seeds, polygonatum odoratum and tangerine peel moisturize the lungs and clear away heat; barley clears heat and dampness, and also has the conditioning effect of whitening skin. Longan meat has the effect of nourishing blood and soothing the nerves.


Qingbuliang Spare Ribs Soup

1. Prepare the soup medicinal materials needed for clearing and replenishing cold

Qingbuliang Spare Ribs Soup recipe

2. One serving of cold tonic herbs and 500 grams of ribs are enough (enough soup for 3-5 people)

Qingbuliang Spare Ribs Soup recipe

3. Take a look at all the selected ingredients for Qingbuliang: yam, white lotus seeds, longan meat, ginseng, yuzhu, barley, wolfberry

Qingbuliang Spare Ribs Soup recipe

4. Ingredients: pork ribs (bone, chicken, chicken feet, duck meat are all available. Different ingredients have different tastes)

Qingbuliang Spare Ribs Soup recipe

5. Meat flying water: Put it in with clean water. After the water boils, a lot of blood foam will float on the surface. Pick up the ribs, rinse them under running water, and drain the excess water for later use

Qingbuliang Spare Ribs Soup recipe

6. Fill the casserole with enough cold water, pour the processed spare ribs and ingredients, turn to a low heat, and boil for about two hours (do not add water during this time). Finally, add salt to the casserole and it is ready to be served

Qingbuliang Spare Ribs Soup recipe

7. Add an appropriate amount of salt 10 minutes before turning off the heat, adjust the taste, and the bowl of refreshing and cooling is complete. Enjoy it

Qingbuliang Spare Ribs Soup recipe


1.3-4 people can put about 2-2.5 liters of water. About 8-10 bowls of water. 2-3 people can put about 1-2 liters of water. About 6-8 bowls of water. If only 1-2 people drink. You can halve the material to burn. This will not be too thick. The specific amount can be calculated based on the number of people. If you find that the water is not enough halfway, do not add cold water, please add boiling water.
2. It is suitable for the whole family to eat, long-term drinking is beneficial (pregnant women do not drink it).


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