Quduoduo Chocolate Biscuits

Quduoduo Chocolate Biscuits

by Bingbing 7479

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Classmates who like to eat a lot, raise your hand! ! Today I will bring you a simple recipe, don’t need to pass, just stir


Quduoduo Chocolate Biscuits

1. Melt butter in water, add brown sugar and stir well

Quduoduo Chocolate Biscuits recipe

2. When the butter melts into a liquid, it is removed from the fire, so there is no need to keep it heated. Continue to add one egg and one egg yolk, one gram of salt and vanilla extract, stir well by hand

Quduoduo Chocolate Biscuits recipe

3. Sift in low-gluten flour and baking powder, and put in high-temperature resistant chocolate beans

Quduoduo Chocolate Biscuits recipe

4. Use a spatula to mix until there is no dry powder. If you think the dough is very wet and sticky, you can put it in the refrigerator for a while

Quduoduo Chocolate Biscuits recipe

5. Divide it into 15 grams into a small ball and squash it, leaving a gap between each cookie. If weighing the dough is troublesome, you can use a spoon of appropriate size

Quduoduo Chocolate Biscuits recipe

6. In the middle of the oven at 170° for 13-17 minutes, change according to the size and thickness of your biscuit. If you want a concave shape, you can reserve a little chocolate bean and press it on the surface of the biscuit. The biscuits can be installed when they are cool

Quduoduo Chocolate Biscuits recipe


You need to buy chocolate beans that are resistant to high temperatures.
Cocoa powder can be added or not. Replace the brown sugar with white sugar. Without cocoa powder, the dough will be the original color. The weight of the cube is relatively large. I baked 3 dishes. You can halve this cube. The amount of sugar is not too much. It is not recommended. Reduce the sugar, you can add 20 grams of sugar if you like sweet


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