Quinoa Corn Wort

Quinoa Corn Wort

by You Ma Food

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Quinoa is a good thing. I remember that when You Ma introduced it last year, it was an imported product. I received another quinoa this year. Only then did I know that it has been successfully tested in China, and our hard-working and intelligent Chinese have treated it well again. It has been developed. In addition to using quinoa to make various delicious dishes and staple foods, quinoa is also ground into powder. When I received quinoa flour, my first thought was to make this healthy ingredient into my pastry. The original idea was to make biscuits, a soda biscuits, but the plan never changed quickly. Suddenly I wanted to make corn wotou. I thought that the bag of bean noodles had been thrown away by me. I immediately realized that the shape and color are similar to bean noodles. Quinoa flour. However, although it is called quinoa flour, quinoa does not belong to the grass family like wheat and rice. It belongs to the quinoa family and is called "fake grain". It is a close relative of spinach. In addition, quinoa has far more The nutritional value of gramineous plants was called the mother of five grains by the ancient Incas.


Quinoa Corn Wort

1. Sift the corn flour, then pour in the quinoa flour

Quinoa Corn Wort recipe

2. Then add 1 teaspoon of baking powder and 1 tablespoon of granulated sugar

Quinoa Corn Wort recipe

3. Pour hot water of about 80 degrees into the flour and stir it evenly

Quinoa Corn Wort recipe

4. The freshly mixed dough is not formed yet and it is relatively hot. You can pour it into a silicone dough bag and knead it evenly.

Quinoa Corn Wort recipe

5. After kneading, press the mouth of the bag and wake up for 20 minutes

Quinoa Corn Wort recipe

6. Take out the dough, divide it into two parts and knead into long strips

Quinoa Corn Wort recipe

7. Cut the long strips into even equal parts for later use

Quinoa Corn Wort recipe

8. Take a small piece of dough and round it, and then use a tapered tool. I use a silicone decorating pen. I pinch the dough with my hands, wrap it on the decorating head and press a hollow head to come out.

Quinoa Corn Wort recipe

9. See if you see it, the bottom is empty. You can use your little finger without a decorative pen, but it will stick. You need to dip your finger in some powder.

Quinoa Corn Wort recipe

10. After the wotou is done, put it on the steamer one by one

Quinoa Corn Wort recipe

11. After the water is boiled, steam the wotou for 10 to 15 minutes.

Quinoa Corn Wort recipe


The wotou made by my recipe has a total of 3 drawers. If there are few people in the family, you can make it by half. If you don’t have quinoa flour, use bean noodles instead, but if you have bean noodles, you need 80 grams here, which is 1:3 with corn noodles. proportion. Remember to cover the unfinished wotou so that it will not be blown by the wind. Generally, it is fine to leave it at room temperature for two or three days.


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