Quinoa Rice Braised Rice

Quinoa Rice Braised Rice

by Quinoa Kitchen

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Listening to friends, you always say that quinoa is so good! The nutritional value is high, the taste is good.... But there is a problem that the quinoa is too high-profile. The recipes provided by everyone are either baked or cooked, either seafood or fruit. These are a waste of time... Can they be friendly to the people? , Simple, homely!
So I said, okay, I will make one of the most homemade quinoa braised rice at noon today.
The home-style panning process uses a home-style rice cooker.....
Then, put the quinoa and rice in it, just leave it alone, what about the real lazy rice, haha~
But in the process, the unique aroma of quinoa that can't be stopped is blown...
My friend said, what about incense!
I ate two more bowls at once~~


Quinoa Rice Braised Rice

1. The rice and quinoa are ready, and the weight can be whatever you want. I chose the ratio of quinoa to rice to be 1:4

Quinoa Rice Braised Rice recipe

2. Mix, evenly, and wash clean (the quinoa rice I chose is non-washing~)

Quinoa Rice Braised Rice recipe

3. The ratio of water to rice is 1:1.5, and the water is below about 1cm

Quinoa Rice Braised Rice recipe

4. Press the rice cooker's normal simmering rice button

Quinoa Rice Braised Rice recipe


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