Red Sour Soup recipes

Guizhou Kaili Sour Soup Fish Practice

Red Sour Soup, Qingjiang Fish, Tomato

Noodles in Red Sour Soup

Red Sour Soup, Vermicelli, Water

Wuchang Fish in Red Sour Soup

Wuchang Fish, Tomato, Red Sour Soup

Boiled Mixed Vegetables in Red Sour Soup

Red Sour Soup, Chinese Cabbage, Dried Tofu

Boiled Fish in Red Sour Soup

Mullet, Tofu Skin, Enoki Mushroom

Tomato Beef Sour Noodle Soup

Tomato, Cooked Beef Brisket, Bean Sprouts

Sour Soup Fish Hot Pot

Carp, Lettuce, Parsley

Home-style Braised Fish Cubes

Grass Carp Meat, Red Sour Soup, Pickled Peppers

Grilled Pomfret with Soy Sauce

Pomfret, Soy Sauce, Red Sour Soup

Braised Grass Carp in Red Sour Soup

Grass Carp, Red Sour Soup, Green Pepper

Grilled Octopus with Winter Vegetables

Hairtail, Winter Vegetables, Red Sour Soup

Boiled Pansa Fish in Tomato Sour Soup

Pangasius, Tomato, Red Sour Soup

Red and Sour Soup Salmon Head Duck Blood Pot

Salmon Head, Duck Blood, Parsley