Radish Duck Soup

Radish Duck Soup

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The domestic duck is delicious, mellow soup, and the sweetness of home-grown radish, very delicious tonic soup~~


Radish Duck Soup

1. First chop the old duck into pieces, put it in a pot of cold water, and blanch it.

Radish Duck Soup recipe

2. Add appropriate amount of water to the Supor health pot and add the blanched duck meat. If you like to drink soup, you can add more water.

Radish Duck Soup recipe

3. Add ginger slices, pour in a proper amount of cooking wine, turn on the health soup mode, timing for 120 minutes.

Radish Duck Soup recipe

4. Wash the radish, peel and cut into pieces for later use.

Radish Duck Soup recipe

5. When there are 40 minutes left in the health soup mode, add the radish cubes and continue cooking.

Radish Duck Soup recipe

6. In the last 2 minutes, add some salt to taste.

Radish Duck Soup recipe


Domestic chickens and ducks do not need too much seasoning, otherwise it will cover up its own fragrance and umami.


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