Raisin Scam

Raisin Scam

by Michelle jzhzlljyf123

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I didn't succeed when I first became Scam, because I was too impatient. Today, after waiting for the whole night, this Scone grilled a fragrant taste. It is a good choice for breakfast or afternoon tea, but it is better to eat it while it is hot.


Raisin Scam

1. Prepare the ingredients

Raisin Scam recipe

2. Soak the raisins in water for a while

Raisin Scam recipe

3. Napkins to absorb moisture on the surface of raisins

Raisin Scam recipe

4. Mix flour, salt and butter, knead the butter and flour with water, knead until the butter and flour are mixed into a state of coarse corn flour

Raisin Scam recipe

5. Milk, dry yeast, sugar and eggs are mixed evenly

Raisin Scam recipe

6. Pour the mixed eggs into the mixed corn flour

Raisin Scam recipe

7. Knead into a smooth dough

Raisin Scam recipe

8. Flatten the dough, sprinkle half of the raisins, fold it in half, knead it into a circle, squeeze it again, and sprinkle the remaining raisins

Raisin Scam recipe

9. Knead into a circle

Raisin Scam recipe

10. Put it in a bowl, keep it in the refrigerator overnight, cover with plastic wrap

Raisin Scam recipe

11. Flatten with a rolling pin the next day

Raisin Scam recipe

12. Divide into eight parts

Raisin Scam recipe

13. Place the cut dough on a baking tray, brush a layer of egg liquid on the surface, put it in a preheated 180 degree oven, bake for 15 minutes and the surface will be golden.

Raisin Scam recipe

14. The finished product is fragrant and delicious. It's finished right after baking

Raisin Scam recipe


1. The oven temperature is for reference only
2. You can replace raisins with dried cranberries or almonds, etc.


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