Red Bean Paste Toast

Red Bean Paste Toast

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Red beans are also known as "Acacia beans". Red beans are as hard as wood, bright as lacquer, never rot, never fade, like a steadfast heart. Red beans are not only delicious food, but also a magic medicine for doctors. Red beans and bread are a wonderful combination.


Red Bean Paste Toast

1. Put the starter (the main ingredient) materials into the bread machine and mix well.

Red Bean Paste Toast recipe

2. Put it at room temperature or refrigerate to ferment 4-5 times larger.

Red Bean Paste Toast recipe

3. Prepare the raw materials in accordance with the requirements of the recipe quantity.

Red Bean Paste Toast recipe

4. Put the sugar, salt, milk powder, butter, eggs, water and hair dough in the bread bucket first.

Red Bean Paste Toast recipe

5. Then add the flour and yeast. The yeast needs to be put in a small hole in the flour, and the meat floss is set aside.

Red Bean Paste Toast recipe

6. The bread machine is completed for the first time, and it enters the fermentation stage.

Red Bean Paste Toast recipe

7. The second time mixing of the bread machine is completed, press Pause the bread machine to take out the dough and shape it.

Red Bean Paste Toast recipe

8. Knead the dough long.

Red Bean Paste Toast recipe

9. Roll the long exhaust and turn over and put the red bean paste evenly.

Red Bean Paste Toast recipe

10. Rolled up cylindrical.

Red Bean Paste Toast recipe

11. During the third fermentation, the dough will be fermented to 3.5 to 4 times larger, and then the program will automatically bake.

Red Bean Paste Toast recipe

12. The bread machine is convenient, and you can make delicious bread by throwing in the ingredients.

Red Bean Paste Toast recipe

13. The delicious red bean paste toast is ready~ Let's start~

Red Bean Paste Toast recipe


1. Flour must use high-gluten flour that contains more than 13 per 100 grams in the nutrient composition table.
2. Use electronic weighing materials.
3. Use effective yeast or high-sugar-tolerant yeast.
4. Appropriate increase or decrease of yeast in summer and winter.


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