Red Date Millet Congee

Red Date Millet Congee

by Jackey cat

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Millet has the effect of warming the stomach and calming the nerves, and because it is rich in iron, women in the north like to use it to add brown sugar to porridge after giving birth to supplement their health. The cat’s LG likes to drink this kind of multigrain porridge. Let’s ask him today. He likes to make a millet porridge for him to taste.


Red Date Millet Congee

1. Wash millet and red dates

Red Date Millet Congee recipe

2. Put the red dates in a small pot and boil until boiled

Red Date Millet Congee recipe

3. Pour the millet and start making porridge

Red Date Millet Congee recipe

4. Cook until thick, you can add appropriate amount of sugar according to your own taste, if you don’t like too sweet, basically the sweetness of red dates is enough, you don’t need to add sugar

Red Date Millet Congee recipe

5. When the sugar is completely melted, you can serve it on a plate!

Red Date Millet Congee recipe


1. Boil the red dates first to make them more flavorful.
2. Millet has the effect of relieving insomnia and nourishing the stomach, so it is suitable for long-term consumption.
3. Red dates are good for nourishing and nourishing. They can be eaten frequently, but avoid excessive amounts. Basically, porridge can be used instead of sugar.
4. Rock sugar is actually made from the mother liquor (waste honey) left over from the production of rock sugar, which is concentrated and crystallized. It is more popular in our local area. If you can't buy it, you can use rock sugar, brown sugar, or white sugar instead. The same is true.


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