Kuaishou Ribs Braised Rice

Kuaishou Ribs Braised Rice

by Scorpion in Autumn (from Tencent.)

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For those who like to eat rice, this pork ribs rice is simply a mouth-watering delicacy. The meaty fragrance and the flavor of the rice definitely make people appetite. Use a pressure cooker to make this pork ribs stewed rice, which can be preserved. The meat is delicious and easy to make.


Kuaishou Ribs Braised Rice

1. Peel the lotus root and carrots, wash and cut into small cubes. Ginger slices.

Kuaishou Ribs Braised Rice recipe

2. Boil the ribs to remove the blood and remove them for later use.

Kuaishou Ribs Braised Rice recipe

3. Pour canola oil in the wok, sauté the ginger slices, pour the ribs and rock sugar and stir fry.

Kuaishou Ribs Braised Rice recipe

4. Stir-fry on low heat until golden surface. Add dark soy sauce, cooking wine, oyster sauce, chili sauce, stir fry for color.

Kuaishou Ribs Braised Rice recipe

5. Add boiling water and boil, simmer for 10 minutes.

Kuaishou Ribs Braised Rice recipe

6. The rice and millet are washed clean.

Kuaishou Ribs Braised Rice recipe

7. Pour the stewed vegetables into the cleaned rice.

Kuaishou Ribs Braised Rice recipe

8. Pour the soup again. Just cover the dish with the soup.

Kuaishou Ribs Braised Rice recipe

9. The pressure cooker is set to "Mixed Grain Rice" for 25 minutes. When the time is up, there will be an alert tone. The program light is off. "Exhaust first, then open lid" indicator light is on. When the pressure cooker vents by itself, the small red button can be dropped to open the lid. The house is full of fragrance, haha, let's get started!

Kuaishou Ribs Braised Rice recipe

10. It's very simple. Stir evenly, so that the rice is covered with soup, it is really delicious and rich.

Kuaishou Ribs Braised Rice recipe


1. The soup in the rice can be as much as usual when cooking. You can also add some other favorite ingredients
2. When the ribs are mixed into the sauce, you can put a little more, so that the rice will be more salty. Fragrant!
3. The soy sauce is mainly for coloring. If you like lighter colors, you can add less, or just use light soy sauce.


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