Chicken Soup

Chicken Soup

by Son and mother

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I bought a stupid chicken and used it to cook soup. I cooked it in a rice cooker for 4 hours. The meat was very tender and the soup was delicious. Eating meat and drinking soup is a great tonic.


Chicken Soup

1. Take out the chopped chicken pieces

Chicken Soup recipe

2. Cut the green onions and ginger, and prepare the star anise and bay leaves

Chicken Soup recipe

3. Heat the water in the pot and blanch the chicken pieces

Chicken Soup recipe

4. After blanching, rinse the chicken nuggets with water

Chicken Soup recipe

5. Put the chicken nuggets in the rice cooker, add water, add some seasonings such as green onion, ginger, star anise, bay leaves, cooking wine, select the soup and porridge button, adjust the time to 4 hours, when there is half an hour, add salt , Continue to cover the lid and cook the soup

Chicken Soup recipe

6. Finally, put the wolfberry and simmer for 2 minutes,

Chicken Soup recipe

7. Nutritious chicken soup

Chicken Soup recipe


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