Refreshing Cold Noodles

Refreshing Cold Noodles

by Biking husky

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What to eat in summer, refreshing small cold noodles

Refreshing Cold Noodles

1. Shred the cucumber and blanch the bean sprouts for later use. Put the oil in the fire and cook until 80%. Put in the pepper, make the pepper oil and set aside

Refreshing Cold Noodles recipe

2. Garlic, chopped and mashed for later use

Refreshing Cold Noodles recipe

3. Add a little water to the garlic paste

Refreshing Cold Noodles recipe

4. Add salt, chicken essence, fresh seafood, peanut extract, vinegar, chopped green onion, chopped peanuts, and pepper oil (previously prepared), stir evenly, cook the noodles until the bowl of cold water is over water, add the soup and serve

Refreshing Cold Noodles recipe


The noodles are better to buy small round noodles, which taste better


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