Refreshing Cold Wakame

Refreshing Cold Wakame


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It’s easy to lose appetite in summer, and cold dishes are very popular. Received a bottle of very mellow old vinegar, mixed with a delicious wakame.


Refreshing Cold Wakame

1. Prepare ingredients

Refreshing Cold Wakame recipe

2. Wakame is soaked in cold water and washed

Refreshing Cold Wakame recipe

3. Blanch in boiling water

Refreshing Cold Wakame recipe

4. Too cold water

Refreshing Cold Wakame recipe

5. Add sugar, chicken essence, light soy sauce

Refreshing Cold Wakame recipe

6. Add vinegar

Refreshing Cold Wakame recipe

7. Potato chips crushed and added

Refreshing Cold Wakame recipe

8. Buy high-quality aged vinegar, search on Tmall [CUCU flagship store]

Refreshing Cold Wakame recipe


This vinegar is very mellow, I added two tablespoons, it is not too sour. The salt in the seasoning is enough, no additional addition is required. The addition of potato chips enriches the taste: it has the smoothness of wakame and the crispness of potato chips. It must be mixed in time, and the potato chips will soften after a long time.


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