Rice Cooker Bacon Rice

Rice Cooker Bacon Rice

by Canned video

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Always have the heart to cook, but not the courage to cook! The secret menu of the little chef is "Rice Cooker Salted Pork Rice", a rice cooker, all meals are done!


Rice Cooker Bacon Rice

1. Wash 80g bacon and 2 sausages, wash and slice, wash 400g greens and cut into small pieces

Rice Cooker Bacon Rice recipe

2. Put 20g of lard in the pot, heat the oil over the heat, add shredded ginger, bacon, and sausage, stir fragrant to get the oil

Rice Cooker Bacon Rice recipe

3. Pour 10ml of cooking wine, add green vegetables and stir-fry for a while, set aside

Rice Cooker Bacon Rice recipe

4. Pour 300g of washed and soaked rice into a rice cooker, and then pour in water to make the rice flush

Rice Cooker Bacon Rice recipe

5. Pour in the vegetable meat, spread out, close the lid, and press the cooking button to cook

Rice Cooker Bacon Rice recipe

6. Open the lid, stir evenly, serve in a bowl and enjoy

Rice Cooker Bacon Rice recipe


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