Rice Cooker Version Beef Sauce

Rice Cooker Version Beef Sauce

by meggy dancing apple

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In early spring, the weather is still cold and hot, so the diet should not be too light. High-calorie and nutritious food can make the body stronger and prepare for the arrival of the intense heat. Therefore, this spring is an important period connecting the past and the next. The mouth is strong, and the body is strong. It is better to be less sick than anything else. This stage is also a time when the children are violently jumping, seizing this golden period can have a multiplier effect with half the effort. Beef is rich in protein and low in fat. Although the price is not two or three times more expensive than pork, if you eat it once a week, the whole family will be relieved and benefited.
It is called braised beef in the south and sauced beef in the north. The name is different and the method is slightly different, mainly in terms of ingredients. Since it is sauce, it must reflect the "sauce fragrance". Rich sauce can not be achieved by just putting in soy sauce. This requires the use of the northern special seasoning-yellow sauce. The yellow sauce is made by fermenting soybeans, which are soybeans, which are cooked, ground, and fermented. The yellow sauce is reddish-brown or brown, bright and shiny, has a rich sauce, salty and sweet, and can be used to make various dishes. The yellow sauce is rich in high-quality protein, and the protein generates amino acids under the action of microorganisms, so the yellow sauce is delicious and appetizing. Northerners often use yellow sauce for stewed meat and stuffed buns, and foods with yellow sauce have a unique fresh fragrance. This traditional family secret recipe is the unalterable "taste of the tongue" in my genes.
Pure lean meat should not be used for sauced beef. The meat fiber is too tight and it is not easy to taste. It has a woody taste. It is better to use tendon meat or leg meat with tendons. Not only is the lean meat delicate, but also has tendons interspersed in it. The taste is good. After slicing It looks good too. If you are unsure of your idea, you can ask the merchant when you buy it, or just say that you want tendon meat. The money tendon I used today is also a kind of tendon meat, but it's bigger and has more tendons inside. Put the whole one into the rice cooker, just open the lid twice, and wait for the fragrant sauce beef to come out of the pot. The rotten meat soup is not fake at all. To make a long story short, let me see.


Rice Cooker Version Beef Sauce

1. One beef tendon with fascia on the outside and tendons on the inside. Just clean it;

Rice Cooker Version Beef Sauce recipe

2. Because the whole beef tendon is not easy to taste, the amount of spices can be slightly larger, not necessarily the ones in my picture, some basic homemade spices such as star anise, chili, green onion, ginger, cinnamon, and bay leaves are fine;

Rice Cooker Version Beef Sauce recipe

3. Prepare a small bowl of yellow sauce, the amount can be more or less, there are some watercress in it that are not put into the soup and stewed at the same time, first put an appropriate amount of water to dilute the yellow sauce;

Rice Cooker Version Beef Sauce recipe

4. If the beef tendon is put into the inner pot of the rice cooker, the amount of cold water should not be too much, because the rice cooker has a good water retention effect, and it can be past the meat;

Rice Cooker Version Beef Sauce recipe

5. Put the inner pot into the rice cooker, turn on the power, and choose either the ordinary braised rice or the soup stall. The former will have a more chewy texture and the latter will have a more relaxed taste; or choose according to your own rice cooker program and your favorite taste Stall; close the lid, open the lid until there is hot air coming out, and skim out the foam;

Rice Cooker Version Beef Sauce recipe

6. Filter the diluted yellow sauce, and the whole soybeans and residues are left in the filter sieve. If these are put into the soup, they will sink to the bottom, which is easy to cause a muddy bottom, so discard it.

Rice Cooker Version Beef Sauce recipe

7. Put the above-mentioned spices into the pot, then pour in the appropriate amount of soy sauce and salt to taste, a little old sauce to enhance the color, close the lid, and complete the set procedure;

Rice Cooker Version Beef Sauce recipe

8. Don’t fish out the beef with good sauce, just soak it in the soup for a few hours. I made the sauce the night before, and I didn’t even open the lid; the picture shows the beef tendon after it was opened the next morning, and the color has been fully absorbed. The essence in the soup; take it out and put it in a fresh-keeping bag, slice it in the refrigerator, and eat it. The taste and taste are good; it can be eaten directly or dipped in food juice. The sauce is made of light soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, chives, minced chili, garlic, and chili oil.

Rice Cooker Version Beef Sauce recipe

9. The rest of the soup is not wasted, there are two methods for reference:
1. Old soup: remove the spices in the soup and put the soup in a fresh-keeping box or bottle. If you continue to pickle beef within a week, the soup can be stored in the refrigerator; if it is not used for a long time, it can be stored in the refrigerator and warmed up when used. Add new soup and seasonings, and use it again and again to become old soup;
2. Beef noodle soup: boil the spices in the soup, boil the noodles in clear water and transfer them to a bowl, pour the beef broth, add the boiled green vegetables and sliced beef tendon, it is the fragrant beef Noodle soup. The picture below shows my beef noodle soup, and two side dishes will make a delicious dinner.

Rice Cooker Version Beef Sauce recipe


1. The beef tendon does not need to be soaked in water. After being boiled in clean water, the impurities in the meat will appear in the form of foam, just skim the foam;
2. If you want the beef tendon to taste, you must soak it in the soup after the sauce is finished. The sauce time is not always the same, because the size of the beef tendon is different, the procedure of the rice cooker is different, and the taste you like is different. If you are not sure, you can use the soup stall. In this way, you can accumulate experience based on your own situation, and you will be relieved in the future.


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