Rice Wine Dumplings

Rice Wine Dumplings

by White tea home

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Passing by the vegetable market at the end of get off work. . I was thinking about buying some fruit to lose weight. As a result, I saw the sweet wine seller, and through conversations, I learned that it was made by myself. I have been selling sweet wine for more than ten years. There was not much sweet wine left in the two large barrels, so I simply bought a catty. It coincides that there are ready-made glutinous rice dumplings for sale at the vegetable market. I bought some back. . Supper can be regarded as a good deal. . .

Rice Wine Dumplings

1. The ingredients are ready, glutinous rice balls and rice wine are ready-made

Rice Wine Dumplings recipe

2. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the pot and add glutinous rice balls. If you want to drink thicker, you need less water, if you want thinner, add more water.

Rice Wine Dumplings recipe

3. Cook until the glutinous rice balls are all floating

Rice Wine Dumplings recipe

4. Add rice wine, wolfberry and rock sugar

Rice Wine Dumplings recipe

5. Just boil

Rice Wine Dumplings recipe

6. Sprinkle with dried osmanthus, nothing can be ignored

Rice Wine Dumplings recipe


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