Roasted Chestnuts

Roasted Chestnuts

by Lazy cat

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Winter is the season to eat roasted chestnuts~warm~
Bake it yourself, it’s cleaner than the one you bought. It only takes 15 minutes to cook the chestnuts~
Faster than the oven~ If it smells good, you will know if you try~


Roasted Chestnuts

1. Prepare casserole, chestnut, and silicone gloves

Roasted Chestnuts recipe

2. Wash the chestnut and control the moisture

Roasted Chestnuts recipe

3. Use scissors to make an opening on the sharp beak of the chestnut and put it all in the casserole

Roasted Chestnuts recipe

4. Bake on high heat for 15 minutes

Roasted Chestnuts recipe

5. Open the lid and shake the casserole during the roasting process to avoid local scorching of chestnuts, and at the same time it can emit moisture

Roasted Chestnuts recipe

6. Roast until the chestnut cracks and smells the fragrance

Roasted Chestnuts recipe


1. The black music casserole used for grilling should be kept completely dry.
2. There is no need to put sugar in roasted chestnuts, the roasted chestnuts are inherently sweet. If you need to put sugar, please wrap 2 layers of tin foil in the pot to prevent the sugar from caramelizing after high temperature.
3. Please wear gloves when shaking the casserole to avoid burns.


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