Rose Biscuits

Rose Biscuits

by Xiaochun's Kitchen

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The biscuits made of dried rose flowers tasted like roses, especially the wild rose I used. The scent is fuller, but the color is not as beautiful as the cultivated ones, but health is natural.


Rose Biscuits

1. Dry the rose, take the petals and set aside

Rose Biscuits recipe

2. Pour rum into the petals, soak the petals completely, leave it for more than half an hour before using

Rose Biscuits recipe

3. Soften the butter, add fine sugar

Rose Biscuits recipe

4. Add salt and beat with a whisk until fluffy and lighter in color

Rose Biscuits recipe

5. Prepare low-gluten flour, add baking powder

Rose Biscuits recipe

6. Sift low-gluten flour and baking powder into the whipped butter, add the soaked rose petals, and knead into a dough

Rose Biscuits recipe

7. Roll the dough into a thin crust of uniform thickness, 3mm-5mm thick, and press it into a heart shape with a biscuit mold

Rose Biscuits recipe

8. Put it in a preheated 160 degree oven and bake for about 20 minutes. The surface of the biscuit will be slightly yellow

Rose Biscuits recipe
Rose Biscuits recipe
Rose Biscuits recipe


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