Sakura Lovers

Sakura Lovers

by Loach

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In April, although I missed the cherry blossom viewing, it’s a blessing to eat my own cherry blossom snacks at home~

Sakura Lovers

1. Pour an appropriate amount of water into the cup, soak the salted cherry blossoms in the water for later use

Sakura Lovers recipe

2. The butter is softened in advance, stir with a spatula until it is smooth and has no lumps

Sakura Lovers recipe

3. Pour in powdered sugar

Sakura Lovers recipe

4. Mix well with egg custard

Sakura Lovers recipe

5. Pour the egg whites and stir evenly (divide the egg whites for 2-3 times)

Sakura Lovers recipe

6. The state of the butter and egg white paste after being evenly stirred is shown in the figure

Sakura Lovers recipe

7. Mix almond flour and low-gluten flour evenly

Sakura Lovers recipe

8. Sift the powder into the basin

Sakura Lovers recipe

9. Stir evenly with a spatula

Sakura Lovers recipe

10. Put the piping bag into a deeper cup

Sakura Lovers recipe

11. Put the batter into a piping bag (at this time, the oven will be preheated at 180 degrees)

Sakura Lovers recipe

12. The piping bag should be knotted for later use. If the room temperature is very high, you can put it in the refrigerator for storage

Sakura Lovers recipe

13. Line the baking tray with greased paper, cut a small opening in the piping bag, and squeeze the batter onto the baking tray

Sakura Lovers recipe

14. The cherry blossoms are taken out of the water, dried with kitchen paper, and placed on the squeezed batter for decoration

Sakura Lovers recipe

15. You can use mint leaves without cherry blossoms

Sakura Lovers recipe

16. Put it into the oven, fire up and down at 180 degrees, 5-10 minutes ~ the surrounding slightly coke will be out of the oven

Sakura Lovers recipe


1. The butter can be softened too soft. If the butter and egg white paste is very thin, it means that the butter has softened too much. Put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes before operating;
2. If there is no almond flour, replace the almond flour with the same amount of peanut flour, but in this case, the peanut flavor will be baked;
3. Be sure to observe the coloring in the oven. A circle of slightly coke is immediately released from the oven, and it will become hard after cooling, and it is delicious.


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