Sakura Mizushingen Mochi

Sakura Mizushingen Mochi

by Food Fun Vegetable House

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If you still don't know what Shuixinxuanbing is, it's really out. It was the stunner that was once popular in the circle of friends. It is crystal clear, with its pure beauty and subtlety, it has captured the hearts of so many young girls. (Welcome to share more interesting kitchen stories, please add WeChat: EJM2467)
When food meets gourmet food, it is an indescribable salvation. I am in the foggy city of the Great Southwest, but my buddies are enjoying the romantic cherry blossoms in the island country of Kyoto, Japan. When she sent me pictures of beautiful cherry blossoms, I excitedly told her that I am making Sakura Mizushingen cakes at the moment. Originally, there was a beautiful appointment in April to see the cherry blossoms together, but because I couldn't walk away, I could only feast my eyes on the pictures sent by the buddies across the sea.
For a person who likes to eat, the best way to pay homage to food is to make it into food and remember it through the eyes, ears, nose, and tongue. Appreciate its beauty with your eyes, listen to its story with your ears, breathe its taste with your nose, and taste its taste with your tongue. At this moment, the cherry blossoms are not gorgeous and romantic beauty in full bloom on the tree, but have evolved into a precious stunner in the plate. I use this method to retain the beauty of cherry blossoms and to remember its taste.
The crystal clear stunner carries not only people's love for food, but also an attitude of loving life, an appreciation of life aesthetics, and a sincere appreciation for the state of life.
Today’s two small desserts, Sakura Water Shingen Biscuit and Matcha Water Shingen Biscuit, are absolutely eye-catching and beautiful, and they capture everyone’s hearts instantly, whether they are tasting by themselves or for banquets. The reason why it is highly recommended is that it is really simple and easy to complete. Who said that delicious stunners are complicated, if you don't believe me, try it.


Sakura Mizushingen Mochi

1. Prepare the ingredients in advance

Sakura Mizushingen Mochi recipe

2. Stir the white jelly with 50ml of cold white boil to fully melt it, and it should not be granular.

Sakura Mizushingen Mochi recipe

3. Soak the pickled cherry blossoms 10 minutes in advance to let the cherry blossoms spread out

Sakura Mizushingen Mochi recipe

4. Pour 500ml of water into the pot and boil, pour the well-stirred white jelly liquid into boiling water and boil on low heat, and stir evenly with chopsticks. After boiling, turn off the heat for 2-3 minutes

Sakura Mizushingen Mochi recipe

5. Pour the boiled white jelly liquid into the pre-prepared mold, put the cherry blossoms in the mold and let cool (Matcha Mizu Shingen Mochi is to put matcha into the boiled white jelly liquid, because matcha has particles, it needs to be used The sieve filters out large particles before pouring them into the mold)

Sakura Mizushingen Mochi recipe

6. Finally, put the finished product in the refrigerator for 15-30 minutes to have a better taste. After taking it out of the refrigerator, pour it out of the mold and you can eat it.

Sakura Mizushingen Mochi recipe


1. In addition to using white jelly to make Suishingen cakes, you can also use agar and QQ sugar instead
2. Operate strictly in accordance with the ratio, otherwise the effect will be greatly reduced
3. Because I prefer the original flavor, there is no dipping material. If the taste is single, you can also make a dipping material. Boil the brown sugar into syrup with a small amount of water, and eat it with the syrup when eating it (a bit like our brown sugar cold cake here)


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