Slick Blueberry Jelly

Slick Blueberry Jelly

by Moe City Food

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After eating the hot pot, come with blueberry ice powder and feel full of happiness in an instant! The appearance is crystal clear, the taste is Q elastic and smooth, it is really great! You can also control the sweetness!


Slick Blueberry Jelly

1. First boil the water, when it boils, pour in the white jelly and stir it evenly;

Slick Blueberry Jelly recipe

2. After letting cool, wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator for 3 hours;

Slick Blueberry Jelly recipe

3. Use a knife to cut the solidified jelly into lumps;

Slick Blueberry Jelly recipe

4. Take out the cut ice powder and put it into a small bowl, drizzle it with the prepared blueberry juice and start eating;

Slick Blueberry Jelly recipe

5. If you like fruit, you can put it on and eat it together

Slick Blueberry Jelly recipe


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