White Jelly recipes

Four Fruit Soup

Green Beans, Red Beans, Barley

Thai Coconut Curry Rice

Egg, Sausage, Homemade Dried Shrimp And Vegetables

Homemade Orange Jelly (white Jelly Version)

White Jelly, Orange, Cold Water

Salted Egg Yolk Crystal Mooncakes

Salted Duck Egg, White Jelly, Drinking Water

Reluctant to Eat Shui Xin Xuan Biscuit

White Jelly, Water, Cherry Blossoms

Five Centimeters Per Second-sakura Water Xingen Cake

White Jelly, Salted Sakura, White Sugar

Slick Blueberry Jelly

White Jelly, Boiling Water, Blueberry

Sakura Mizushingen Mochi

White Jelly, Pickled Sakura, Matcha Powder

Shuixin Xuanbing

White Jelly, Salted Sakura, Water

Crystal Moon Cake

White Jelly, Water, Fruit

Shuixin Xuanbing

White Jelly, Boiling Water, Sugar

Sakura Mizushingen Mochi

White Jelly, White Sugar, Salted Sakura

Whole Grain Cake

Doggum, Millet, Quinoa

Osmanthus and Chinese Wolfberry Jelly

White Jelly, Water, Osmanthus

Fruit Jelly

Fruit, White Jelly, Sugar