Sakura Mizushingen Mochi

Sakura Mizushingen Mochi

by Golden Fruit Peas

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I have only used salted cherry blossoms to make mousse before, and I have always felt that the transparent ingredients are more suitable for this beautiful flower. I tried this and it was a success.


Sakura Mizushingen Mochi

1. After the sakura is soaked, water singen gen cakes are made. Mix 16g of white jelly with 15g of granulated sugar in a large bowl, and press to open the caked powder. The following is the process of brewing with hot water. You need to pour in about 1/3 of all the hot water first. Stir until the powdery mixture is completely dissolved in the water.

Sakura Mizushingen Mochi recipe

2. Immediately pour into the circular mold, first pour half the amount of the circular mold. Invert the blooming cherry blossoms and put them in the water-shin-gen biscuit mixture, clamp the short handles with the chopsticks, and press up and down to spread the petals. Close the lid. If you want to make a slightly larger Shui Xin Xuan Bing, you can insert a funnel into the opening at the top of the mold, and pour the remaining mixture, which is basically 70% full and it looks good. Let stand at room temperature

Sakura Mizushingen Mochi recipe

3. Gently open the lid and place the large flat plate on the Shui Xin Xuan Bing. Then the mold and the plate are reversed at the same time. Generally speaking, the mold can be demolded. If you still can't take it off, you can pat the mold and the Shuixinxuanbing will fall out. Finally, you can eat it with a little cooked soybean flour and black syrup.

Sakura Mizushingen Mochi recipe


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