Sakura Potato Cake

Sakura Potato Cake

by Hua Ning Yuyan

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Potatoes are a very common and common vegetable. Our family usually cooks vinegar shredded potatoes or stewed potatoes. I occasionally make mashed potatoes. I have never made this potato pie. I used to order a smiley face potato pie when I went to a restaurant to eat. The fried skin was a bit crispy, and the mashed potatoes inside were soft and dipped. Tomato sauce, sweet and sour taste delicious. I also made it at home. I planned to make smiley potato pancakes, but I couldn’t find a round object of the right size to buckle the shape. Finally, I used this cherry blossom biscuit mold to make it. I didn’t expect the effect of frying to be very good. It's beautiful!
The non-GMO blending oil used for fried potato pancakes has no oily smoke, which is great!


Sakura Potato Cake

1. Wash the potatoes, peel them, cut them into thick slices and steam them in a pot

Sakura Potato Cake recipe

2. Let the steamed potatoes dry for a while, take them out and put them in a larger bowl or a small pot. The new potatoes you buy are very sticky.

Sakura Potato Cake recipe

3. The potatoes are crushed with a spoon, mashed into mashed potatoes, and then put in one-third of the amount of the mashed potatoes, knead into a ball

Sakura Potato Cake recipe

4. Kneaded mashed potato dough

Sakura Potato Cake recipe

5. Use a rolling pin to roll into a uniformly thick disc, don't roll it out too thin

Sakura Potato Cake recipe

6. Use a mold to press out the pattern. You can use any mold at hand. If you don’t have a mold, find a small round bowl to press it into a circle and make a smiley face.

Sakura Potato Cake recipe

7. The prepared potato pancakes are patted with starch on both sides, fried in the pan until golden on both sides, remove the oil control, and you can eat it

Sakura Potato Cake recipe

8. The beautiful sakura potato pancakes are ready, you can dip them in ketchup to increase the flavor. The freshly cooked ones are especially delicious, crispy on the outside and fragrant on the inside!

Sakura Potato Cake recipe


1. Before the potato pancakes are put in the pan, pat starch on both sides, so that the fried skin is crispy

2. When frying the potato pancakes, don’t take too long, just golden on both sides, because the mashed potatoes are already cooked.


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