Salt and Pepper Fish

Salt and Pepper Fish

by Yuxi House

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Small miscellaneous fish, fried to crisp, even fish bones can be eaten together, a good thing for calcium...
The nutritional value of fish, regular consumption can prolong life. Fish is one of the important sources of animal protein in human food. Fish contains animal protein, calcium, phosphorus and vitamins A, D, B1, B2, etc., and is suitable for patients, middle-aged, elderly and children. "


Salt and Pepper Fish

1. Small trash fish, all clean up and set aside;

Salt and Pepper Fish recipe

2. Drain the fish and heat the pan into the oil; use more oil and add an appropriate amount of salt;

Salt and Pepper Fish recipe

3. Add small trash fish, fry, slow fire, it will take a long time to fry here;

Salt and Pepper Fish recipe

4. Cut ginger into shreds, period;

Salt and Pepper Fish recipe

5. When the small trash fish is fried until golden on both sides and crispy; add ginger and continue to fry;

Salt and Pepper Fish recipe

6. Then add Shuyan; turn it down slightly;

Salt and Pepper Fish recipe

7. Install the plate, that's it;

Salt and Pepper Fish recipe


Yu Xi Sui Sui thought: The small fish must be fried to be old and crisp to be delicious; when it is fried, be sure to watch it, not to paste it, pay attention to slow fire;


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