Salt and Pepper Ribs

Salt and Pepper Ribs

by Leaf's Little Chef

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Salt and pepper pork ribs, I guess everyone likes it, and the leaves also love it very much. In my house, this dish is a must-do during Chinese New Year's and festivals, and it is also a must-order dish for many friends who come to Ye Zi's house. It is definitely a popular dish at family dinners.
Today, Ye Ye recommends it as the third dish in the New Year dishes series. Normally Yeba seldom makes deep-fried dishes. It will be different for the New Year. You can eat it happily.
Pay attention to three points when frying:
1. Control the oil temperature. The oil temperature should not be too high. When it is too high, it will be easy to paste and produce harmful substances. But the oil temperature should not be too low. If it is too low, it will be easy to inhale too much grease. It’s necessary to explode the fire a little before, and quickly force out the oil;
Second, good cooking must be inseparable from good kitchenware. A good pan will absorb less oil when frying, and the temperature is stable, the color of the fried food is good, and there are few substances that are harmful to your health.
3. When eating deep-fried food, eat it with fresh vegetables.
When I made salt and pepper ribs, the batter was a little bit too much. It felt like crispy meat when I fried it, and it also had a nian flavor. It tasted very, very fragrant in my mouth...


Salt and Pepper Ribs

1. Prepare the raw materials.

Salt and Pepper Ribs recipe

2. Chop the ribs and soak them in water.
If you have a food purifier at home, it is better to wash it with a food purifier.

Salt and Pepper Ribs recipe

3. Add a little salt, black pepper and appropriate amount of Huadiao wine to the ribs and marinate for a while.
If time permits, it can be marinated for an hour or two, but time does not allow it to marinate for a while.

Salt and Pepper Ribs recipe

4. Chop the green onion, ginger, and garlic into mince.

Salt and Pepper Ribs recipe

5. Cut green and red peppers and onions into granules.

Salt and Pepper Ribs recipe

6. Add a raw egg yolk to the marinated ribs, add an appropriate amount of flour and starch, and mix well.

Salt and Pepper Ribs recipe

7. Add the ribs when the oil is 50% to 60% hot, and deep-fry them over a medium-to-low fire. After the ribs are deep-fried, they are golden and crispy.
You can put a chopstick in it to test the oil temperature of 50% to 60%, and it is almost the same as the small bubbles.

Salt and Pepper Ribs recipe

8. Add an appropriate amount of oil to the pan, saute the onion, ginger, and minced garlic, then add green and red pepper particles and onion particles and stir fry.

Salt and Pepper Ribs recipe

9. Add spare ribs, add appropriate amount of salt and pepper, and stir-fry evenly.

Salt and Pepper Ribs recipe

10. carry out.

Salt and Pepper Ribs recipe


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