Salty Bone Noodle Soup

Salty Bone Noodle Soup

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Noodles are often eaten in my family. It is the first time to cook noodles with salty bone soup. Without adding a drop of oil, without adding a grain of salt, it is salty, strong, smooth, soft, and has a delicate taste, surprisingly delicious! Let's share the specific method of salty bone noodle soup below.


Salty Bone Noodle Soup

1. Boil the water, add the noodles and cook for six mature.

Salty Bone Noodle Soup recipe

2. Remove the noodles and put them in a large bowl of cold water. After passing the cold water, the noodles are stronger, smoother,

Salty Bone Noodle Soup recipe

3. Wash the pot, if you don’t use the same pot, you can wash the pot together later. I used the same pot and cleaned the pot every step of the way, so that the noodles cooked in this way are pure and delicious. After the pot is washed, pour the salty bone radish soup and boil,

Salty Bone Noodle Soup recipe

4. Put the noodles in cold water into the pot and mix well with chopsticks.

Salty Bone Noodle Soup recipe

5. Put the washed lettuce in the pot and turn off the heat. At this time, the noodles and lettuce are easy to cook. Mix well and remove. Don't leave the noodles in the pot for too long, as they will cook.

Salty Bone Noodle Soup recipe

6. The salty bone noodle soup is ready, very delicious

Salty Bone Noodle Soup recipe


When you cook the noodles for the first time, remember to cook the noodles until they are mature. Put the noodles in a large bowl of cold water to prevent the noodles from continuing to heat up.


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