Sam Chicken Soup

Sam Chicken Soup

by Flute

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Because it is a simple household method, please use the raw materials as you like. You can add chestnuts or pine nuts. If you don't have it, you don't need to put anything, just use ginseng stewed chicken.


Sam Chicken Soup


Sam Chicken Soup recipe

2. Wash the glutinous rice and soak it in clean water for two hours

3. Wash the red dates and wolfberry, soak in water, and wash the mushrooms

Sam Chicken Soup recipe

4. One ginseng, take 1/3 of it, soak it in clean water, clean it and set aside

Sam Chicken Soup recipe

5. How to deal with the chicken: remove the bottom of the chicken, take out the internal organs and clean it (you can scald it with hot water to remove the blood foam)

Sam Chicken Soup recipe

6. Stuff the soaked glutinous rice, red dates, wolfberry and shiitake mushrooms into the belly of the chicken, and seal the mouth with a toothpick

Sam Chicken Soup recipe

7. Put the chicken in a casserole, add two slices of ginger, a few red dates, and ginseng

Sam Chicken Soup recipe

8. Add half a pot of water, put it on the fire, turn the high heat to a medium-low heat, and slowly simmer the chicken (I have been simmering for more than two hours, and finally the chicken is almost out of bone), add a small amount of salt, sprinkle some chopped green onion, and it is ready to cook.

Sam Chicken Soup recipe
Sam Chicken Soup recipe


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