Spicy Chicken

Spicy Chicken

by Fatty Mushroom

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A delicacy must be full of color, fragrance, red and radiant spicy chicken. It looks tempting, and it is even more greedy when you smell it, and you can't stop tasting it. The freshly fried spicy chicken is very greedy, it doesn’t need a lot of spices, just simple garlic, ginger slices, dried chili, and Chinese pepper. The freshness of the chicken and the spicy aroma make me kill two bowls of rice absolutely no problem. ! This time I bought a five-jin soil rooster, which can be burnt several times in small portions, and it is enjoyable!


Spicy Chicken

1. Prepare a soil rooster, wash it, divide it into large pieces, and burn it several times

Spicy Chicken recipe

2. Take about 500 grams and chop the meat into small pieces

Spicy Chicken recipe

3. Add light soy sauce, cooking wine, and salt, mix well and marinate for flavor. Add about 15 grams of cornstarch and mix well before cooking.

Spicy Chicken recipe

4. Peel the garlic, slice the ginger, prepare the green onion, dry the chili in an appropriate amount (Lantern chili is relatively not so spicy, I will choose to add a little more to decorate the dish), a little pepper

Spicy Chicken recipe

5. Pour half of the oil into the wok, heat it over medium heat to 50% hot, add the chicken nuggets and fry until the surface turns brown and red. Remove

Spicy Chicken recipe

6. Pick up the excess oil, leave a little oil and saute the garlic, ginger, and white onion

Spicy Chicken recipe

7. After the garlic is scented, pour in the pepper and dried chili and stir fry until fragrant, then add the fried chicken

Spicy Chicken recipe

8. Stir-fry for a while, add a little salt and chives after the spiciness penetrates into the chicken pieces, sprinkle with white sesame seeds before serving

Spicy Chicken recipe


If you want the chicken to taste delicious, you need to marinate it in advance. After it is fried, it will not be easy to taste. When you fry the chicken nuggets, use high heat. The fried chicken nuggets are more delicious and juicy. Various spices are added. Adjust according to your own preferences.


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