Sanyuan Soup

Sanyuan Soup

by Meimeijia's Kitchen

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After Lixia is Xiaoman, Xiaoman is the eighth solar term in the 24 solar terms and the first and second solar terms in summer. The arrival of Xiaoman indicates that the rainy season is coming and the climate has officially entered summer. There is more rain before and after Xiaoman, what should we pay attention to when we eat? May wish to spend 5 minutes reading this article, the summer health recipes have long been known.
After entering the summer, the high temperature is easy to make people irritable, which can lead to excessive anxiety and cause various discomfort. Therefore, after Xiaoman, attention should be paid to nourishing the heart.

Human beings are a whole body. It is not enough to just nourish the heart. The decomposing and transformation of the spleen and stomach, and the warm transpiration of the kidney yang are inseparable from the important role of the heart yang. Therefore, in addition to protecting our heart, after Xiaoman solar terms, we must also nourish the kidney and invigorate the spleen. To nourish the spleen, kidneys, and heart, Qi and blood are the foundation. Only enough Qi and blood can promote the blood circulation of the human body and enhance the human immunity, and the various organs can be nourished. However, when the temperature rises after Xiao Man, the body's moisture and Yang Qi are easily lost with sweat, the function of the spleen and stomach is reduced, and kidney Qi is damaged, which makes the deficiency of Qi and blood more obvious.
It can be seen that supplementing qi and blood and nourishing the three internal organs complement each other. When it comes to replenishing qi and blood in the summer, many people are worried about getting angry. In fact, summer is a very suitable season to replenish qi and blood. Taking advantage of the arrival of the Xiaoman solar term, raising the three internal organs and replenishing qi and blood can lay a solid foundation for a peaceful summer. Next, I will share a famous Sanyuan soup that nourishes yin and blood. June is a good time to replenish qi and blood. These three ingredients will be boiled to nourish the heart and strengthen the spleen, with no simple failures.


Sanyuan Soup

1. In the summer, the diet should pay attention to the spleen and stomach. In summer, you should often eat foods that invigorate the spleen and stomach, such as lotus seeds. Lotus seeds have the effects of clearing heat, lowering fire, lowering blood pressure, and promoting sleep. You can eat more in summer.

Sanyuan Soup recipe

2. To replenish qi and blood in summer, you must first invigorate the spleen, because the spleen and stomach are the source of qi and blood biochemistry. Jujube can nourish the spleen and stomach, nourish blood and calm the nerves. It is helpful to improve the spleen and stomach disorders, lack of qi and blood, insomnia and fatigue in summer. It is also a recommended ingredient for summer diet. Eating jujube regularly can also improve myocardial nutrition. It is a very good nourishing food for women, the elderly and adolescents.

Sanyuan Soup recipe

3. Lixiahou fresh longan is on the market in large quantities, but it is recommended to use dried longan to replenish qi and blood. Longan is also suitable for nourishing the heart and spleen, nourishing yin and nourishing the kidney in summer. It can also relieve insomnia in summer. Shell the longan for later use.

Sanyuan Soup recipe

4. I usually eat it for breakfast, so I put two eggs in at the same time, so it's very easy to cook in one pot.

Sanyuan Soup recipe

5. Rinse the lotus seeds slightly, soak them in clean water for about two hours, do not need to remove the core, cook together with the core, the effect of lowering the fire is more prominent.

Sanyuan Soup recipe

6. Put the lotus seeds and water into the rice cooker, use the porridge button to cook for half an hour, add red dates and longan to continue cooking. These two flavors are ingredients that are not resistant to cooking, so there is no need to cook them with the lotus seeds at the beginning of cooking. On the contrary, the taste of dates and longans cooked for a long time is not good, and the nutrition will also be lost.

Sanyuan Soup recipe

7. Towards the end of the program, peel the egg and put it in the soup, add a small piece of rock sugar, stir with a spoon until the rock sugar melts. When using rock sugar to cook soup and porridge, just add it near the end, don't add it too early. After Xiaoman, the weather gradually became hot, and many people were prone to getting angry, coughing, and losing appetite. Drinking some rock sugar water at this time has the effect of nourishing yin, nourishing body fluid, cooling and removing fire.

Sanyuan Soup recipe


‚ÄčIt is advisable to consume 4 to 5 red dates and longans per person per day, not too much. Have you learned this Sanyuan Soup suitable for Lixia Health Recipe? During the production process, if you have any questions, you can leave a message to me.

In the summer, Meimei will share some articles suitable for summer food. If it is helpful to you, please share this love and beauty with your relatives and friends around you. They will feel warm when you care about you. Thank you for your care. share it!


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