Sauce Pork Trotters

Sauce Pork Trotters

by Water pity

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Mom always buys cooked trotters. The reason is that they can’t cook and find it troublesome. In fact, it’s not difficult to make them clean and delicious at home. Today, I will introduce a method that novices can easily master. Anyway, my mother only buys raw trotters now. . . .


Sauce Pork Trotters

1. Soak the trotters in cold water for several hours, change the water frequently during the period, until the water is clear, rinse quickly and put it in a saucepan.

Sauce Pork Trotters recipe

2. Inject pure water just enough to cover the trotters.

Sauce Pork Trotters recipe

3. Just pour a bag of barbecue sauce, this one can choose your favorite flavor.

Sauce Pork Trotters recipe

4. Add a piece of broth, it is better to have stock at home, and you can directly choose this kind of stock from the market for the first time.

Sauce Pork Trotters recipe

5. Put the spices, ginger and garlic cloves into the bag together.

Sauce Pork Trotters recipe

6. Stuff it into the soup.

Sauce Pork Trotters recipe

7. Pour in a little cooking wine and steamed fish soy sauce.

Sauce Pork Trotters recipe

8. Cover the lid and simmer on high heat.

Sauce Pork Trotters recipe

9. When the soup is completely boiling, add rock sugar and turn to medium-low heat for 50-60 minutes.

Sauce Pork Trotters recipe

10. During the stewing process, the placement of the trotters can be reversed appropriately.

Sauce Pork Trotters recipe

11. When the time is up, turn off the heat, cool slowly, and let the trotters soak in the soup overnight before eating.

Sauce Pork Trotters recipe


1. The time for simmering pig's feet is not absolute. Use a chopstick to test the softness of the pig's feet, and adjust the stewing time according to your preference.
2. You can add light soy sauce to adjust the color of the pig's feet.
3. No salt is added here. The saltiness is adjusted mainly depending on the taste of the sauce. If the sauce is not too salty, add salt appropriately.
4. The pig's feet can be taken out the next day and eaten directly, or the soup can be adjusted to make braised pig's feet and so on.
5. Do not throw away the soup, it can be sieved and frozen for storage.


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