Scallion Lamb Roll

Scallion Lamb Roll

by y Yuanzi y

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In winter, even washing vegetables feels that it takes great courage. If you don’t eat something warm, people like me will have cold hands and feet like freezing from morning to night. A little numb state. It’s said that you should eat more red meat, lamb, beef and the like in winter. This time I ate mutton rolls. Perhaps when you think of mutton rolls, you will think of shabu hot pot, but this time it’s scallion fried mutton rolls. Wow ha ha ha, that scent, I definitely want to eat it after eating it.


Scallion Lamb Roll

1. Slice the lamb rolls, wash with white onion, and wash with dried chili

Scallion Lamb Roll recipe

2. Add a little salt, cooking wine, sugar, light soy sauce, and starch to marinate the lamb rolls for a while

Scallion Lamb Roll recipe

3. Cut the scallion diagonally

Scallion Lamb Roll recipe

4. Cut dried chili into small pieces

Scallion Lamb Roll recipe

5. Heat the oil pan

Scallion Lamb Roll recipe

6. Fry the mutton roll until it changes color, it will be ready in about two minutes. Don’t fry it for too long.

Scallion Lamb Roll recipe

7. Raise the frying pan and fry the dried chilies, add green onion and a little salt to taste

Scallion Lamb Roll recipe

8. Add the stir-fried lamb rolls, a little dark soy sauce, and stir fry evenly. Pour a spoonful of rice vinegar and stir before serving.

Scallion Lamb Roll recipe


Lamb rolls should not be fried for a long time. If you like spicy food, add more chili.

Rice vinegar can remove a bit of mutton.


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