Scallion Lamb Roll

Scallion Lamb Roll

by Hi hi Ysj

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You can eat delicious meat dishes in a short time! Very few excipients, easy to learn


Scallion Lamb Roll

1. Wash and shred the onion for later use

Scallion Lamb Roll recipe

2. This Japanese-style barbecue sauce can be used in beef and mutton dishes, and they are all delicious

Scallion Lamb Roll recipe

3. Prepare a scallion

Scallion Lamb Roll recipe

4. Heat oil in a pan, add onions and fry until they change color

Scallion Lamb Roll recipe

5. Add the mutton rolls and stir fry, add sauce, a little dark soy sauce and appropriate amount of salt, and fry until the meat changes color

Scallion Lamb Roll recipe

6. Just before it is out of the pan, add the white onion and stir fry a few times, and it is ready to be out of the pan.

Scallion Lamb Roll recipe


In order to ensure the freshness and tenderness of the mutton rolls, do not fry them for too long.


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