Scallion Omelet

Scallion Omelet

by Happy YIYI mom

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Yesterday I made an apricot jam. In order to make bread, I got up at 5 o’clock today to make bread. When I finished making it, I was idle again. I remembered to make this quiche, which I always wanted to make, but it’s actually not very troublesome. The carrots should be steamed in advance.


Scallion Omelet

1. Dice potatoes and carrots and steam them for 15 minutes

Scallion Omelet recipe

2. After the eggs are beaten, add the steamed carrots and diced potatoes, add chopped green onion salt, and mix well.

Scallion Omelet recipe

3. Cut the shallots and take out five circles.

Scallion Omelet recipe

4. After oiling the pan, place onion rings, heat it up a little, pour in the egg mixture, fry on low heat, cover, and fry until golden on both sides.

Scallion Omelet recipe


Pay attention to a small fire!


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