Scallop Braised Rice

Scallop Braised Rice

by Minger Kitchen

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My second treasure loves seafood so much, I will ask for it if I don’t have it at the dinner table for two days. The weather was hot, and I didn’t want to stay in the kitchen to cook for the children. I thought of making meat stew rice for the children. I thought that seafood should be able to do the same, so I have today’s bowl of rice. The child also likes to eat very much, even the vegetables are saved, and a bowl of rice is quickly finished, and then always tell me: I will eat like this tomorrow!

My family bought a new Zhenmi de-sweetened rice cooker, one-click to cook first, filter the water and then steam. This not only reduces the sugar content in the rice, but also improves the taste of the rice. The steamed rice is crystal clear, Q It's delicious! You can also try!


Scallop Braised Rice

1. First process the ingredients, wash the rice, add salt, soy sauce, and sesame oil, stir evenly and pickle for a while to color. Remove the black tail of the scallops, wash and set aside; chop garlic into minced garlic; cut ginger into shreds and set aside.

Scallop Braised Rice recipe

2. Heat up the pot and heat the oil, add the minced garlic and ginger in the oil, stir-fry until the minced garlic is slightly yellow, pour in the sauce made with salt, soy sauce, vinegar, oyster sauce, and cooking wine, boil well and serve.

Scallop Braised Rice recipe

3. Put the pickled rice into the pot and spread it evenly on the bottom of the pot.

Scallop Braised Rice recipe

4. Arrange the scallops evenly on the rice.

Scallop Braised Rice recipe

5. Pour the fried garlic juice evenly on top of the scallops.

Scallop Braised Rice recipe

6. After all the ingredients have been processed, add water, as long as the rice has just passed, and put the inner pot of the pot into the pot.

Scallop Braised Rice recipe

7. Finally, press the cooking button and wait for 22 minutes before serving.

Scallop Braised Rice recipe


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